Welcome! My name is Lisa and I’m a mama to three teens and a baby. I have a wonderful husband with whom I share my youngest with. Although my life is a little crazy, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

When I’m not being a mama or a wife, I’m busy being an accountant and every so often I sneak off to make soaps and other delicious-smelling bath essentials. You can see what I’ve got to offer at my Shop.

Family is everything. Whether they are perfect, annoying, frustrating, upsetting, sad or silly, I cannot live without them. Treasure the little moments, for they are the most remembered.

Baby Must Haves From Your Registry

It’s probably the most exciting part of your pregnancy right? You get to kind of shop (without spending your own money) for potential baby items you will receive at your baby shower. I know for me it was exciting to go online and browse all the baby clothes, baby gear, toys and many other items […]

5 Tips to Coping with Morning Sickness

Congratulations! Um no, not because you’re pregnant, but because you have been introduced to the most obnoxious symptom of pregnancy we like to call morning sickness. Let me just point out that the name is a complete fraud! It can occur at all hours of the day and usually at the most inopportune times. For […]

It’s My 4th Pregnancy, Why am I Miserable?

This is my very first post on my newly created blog, and I am extremely excited to share it with you. It has to do with my fourth (and hopefully my last) pregnancy. It was supposed to be easy. I mean, I’ve done this three other times before and those were a breeze. Then again, […]